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So today, one year later, this task finally landed on our desks – Write an article announcing the launch of our agency, which by the way has been operational for a year now!

We could write about what services we offer and how great we are at what we do, but we will not do that. Let’s face it; no one wants to read that, so let’s try something different, telling it how it is…A bit of a more RAW story like this chicken.

Wow...It's been 40 min and all we have is the intro

So, where do we begin…? Let’s start by saying that the one thing we learned along the way is that when you keep on waiting to get something absolutely perfect, it will simply never happen, just like this article (lol).

We learned it the hard way. The same thing happened in our journey. At some points, we were too busy with our day jobs or otherwise occupied with our freelance projects. Sometimes, we suffered from week-long creative blocks and, sometimes, to put it simply, partied too much (major startup benefit, by the way).

Nevertheless, slowly but, confidently we got everything together (including quitting 9-5), and our agency began to emerge, and while still not perfect, we finally feel ready to introduce it to the world!

So...Who on earth are we?

We are a true definition of a boutique marketing agency. As boutique as it gets as we are only two Co-Founders to be exact plus only a few select external partners. Hey, don’t forget it’s not about the quantity but the quality, right?

Alex Theodorou – Originally born to be a Chartered Accountant but later converted Vegetarian…sorry *Branding & Marketing Consultant & Co-Founder of Brandble.

Egle Joneliunaite – Originally born to be a City Mayor but after careful consideration converted to Branding & Marketing Consultant & Co-Founder of Brandble.

As you see, we had very different aspirations when we started. Still, marketing was our true calling (Even if being a Chartered Accountant and a City Mayor would have paid better… joking). After years of swimming in endless 9-5s jobs topped with freelancing projects, we understood that we had the same goal in common. We wanted to change what we saw. Simple.

So we took on clients of varying demographics and industries. While these experiences varied, they helped us learn and define who Brandble is today and how we can make a difference as an agency.

Having gone through The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, we saw many companies succeed and many fail to reach their full commercial potential. In some cases, it was a lack of vision, strategy, poor brand positioning and marketing, or in some earlier cases, even our own lack of experience…

As individuals, we have learned to believe that nothing is impossible, and as our experience grew, we decided it was time to go in our direction and try to challenge the standards. We stand against surface-level marketing. We believe that every brand has a purpose and can achieve it with the right approach. All it takes is to ask WHY and answer in practice.

And this is how Brandble was born


We learned that our determination, openness to experience, and close attention to our clients were the core ingredients in defining who we are as a brand.

Today, we know the recipe to achieve this, which is Research | Branding | Marketing. And we are ready to cook the chicken not only for us but, most importantly, to share it with you.

The moral of the whole story

While our agency is only two people, we have delivered 60+ projects with a 97% client retention rate. Boasting? No, just trying to make a point.

All it takes is to create a team with a shared vision, shared values, and a clearly defined commercial strategy to succeed.

So shall we cook your chicken together?

“Brandble helped us increase our leads by cleaning our accounts from any content that did not align with Facebook regulations, fixed our branding and images, gave our website a fresh new look and consult us on any technical issues we have. The team constantly monitors the campaigns and make micro-adjustments that ultimately get us better results. They are happy to chat and resolve issues whenever we need them.”

Stephanos TrokoudesManaging Director, Pedieos IVF Center

The team at Brandble helped us with the creation of our new website. We were very happy with the outcome everything from the planning, execution to overall project management. What especially stood out to me was the customer experience and willingness to go the extra mile. Since the website has gone live we continue to seek marketing support from the Brandble team and the work continues to be outstanding. I would highly recommend any company seeking marketing support to get in touch

Leonidas KikisSenior Partner, Active Search Partners

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